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Thai Lakorn Khmer Dubbed

Khmer Movie, Thai Movie, Korean Drama are all dubbed in Khmer find more here.


Fitting with the resentment beloved younger students wearing lion skin.

Edited by Gir Dot Com.
Thank illustrations from Instagram villwannarot, singtosaharat, nike_nitidon, zeenam_m.

            Lovely views of the harbor agreement Fitting Great One lion dollars to a high school student wore a younger skin.

            Prepare to impress audiences with drama again. For drama I love the revenge At last the Exact Hotel. Has brought this remake again. The young hero Nike philanthropic impulse Fort Suwanamas as Jesadavat opposite actress with One Great Junction Chai, who plays ring with actor Cheesemaking such as lion dollars to, rats Yin Yin's Wonderland Defense. vitamins a and C, Plymouth Dist.

            By fitting a set on September 4, 2557 View One Great Actress and young lions. The younger high school students wearing bright again say that I do not light it. This gearbox dot com. I never fail to bring a fitting character. I cant leave the harbor.

Magneto's first shock buffaloes mother Dahlia.

Maggie Ray

Magneto's first shock buffaloes mother Dahlia (Channel 7).

           Powerful gripping drama Mother Jones soar nickname in dahlia. Powerful for her sister Maggie Ray Tr lapses being directed at Mr. Wichai SMART welfare (but smaller) to the buffaloes. That this had to scream so loudly shriek fields. Well, people who live there so much panic. It does not crash a lot.
           Implores her powers, it said. "Nothing for me Fallin 'sung to shriek that I was not afraid, but I'm excited because since I was born. There are times in life For the first time in my life anyway. Buffaloes to (Sounds excited) "Magneto he says.

           This scene is a chase scene between Magneto's powers lead crystal or sunflowers. You planning to ride Or the sight of a very large male buffalo also has a beautiful body. Chasing remember bad to steal crops and burning the straw villain who drove the plow wildly fled sunflowers riding sight chasing villains guarantee that both contenders as adventurous as the chase scene in the movie Hollywood Bollywood of course.

           I watch it in theaters soon indeed dahlia color TV Channel 7.

First of Joe with The Godfather Buddhai cant boil.


The first hip-hop singer Joey Boy with Thailand's influential mogul cant Buddhai boiling (lane 3).

           Is the first hip-hop singer Joey Boy Mike laid the drama in their lives. The boiling Buddhai as Leachbomb powerful hitters in the godfather is respectful of those men and 1 in 3 of family influence in Onizuka and Misawa. This is another important character to create a concentration allow this. The News has an interview

           "This is my first drama. The reason for this I like the character of his great character Haru look neat, be it clothing, hair style and personality of the character. To be expressed in a more prestigious look powerful mogul. I asked, concerned I do not have to worry because we would not have made ​​the show much. I play out and are not in the script. "

           "But when I agreed to this drama, I was finally able to saturate. There is much to be (laughs) I've also played alongside brother Yaya (smile), which I personally like his younger already. A lovely child who put time into the scene with his younger brother was afraid straining. Because I was better than the offense. The other subject, it will not be the subject of language, because every character is a Japanese title. I still remember the name of the character is not complete yet. It takes a little time I was at work, my first drama. Boiling sun with a dream to watch a lot of it. "
           Over the singer will not be a starring role, Mike is not easy. Join now and win the Joe Hip Hop singer will crack or not. The Godfather's influence on the first play. Roy Buddhai boiling of the Rising Sun series will air to visit Thailand soon, Channel 3 (the original).

A lot of tears at Aum and Nat’s wedding reception

 photo joe_surface_1_zps51f06eb0.jpg

Shedding tears of joy among friends and family, actor Aum Atichart and his bride Nat Myria seemed truly happy at their wedding reception yesterday Monday April 14. It seemed like an emotional event, tons of tears. His speech for her was pretty amazing, it showed us how Nat Myria has changed Aum Atichart for the better.

Aum:’I have known her for 5 years…when I was younger than now…when I didn’t have a lot of responsibilities…when I was not as mature as I am now…when I am with her, I realized..her being a positive person, who has kindness towards her family, her mother–being around a good person, my personality changed also…this is one of the reasons why I have become a better person. It has made me a better man. I promise to continue to be a better person, I promise to love her from this day forward. I promise to love her always.

Singer actor Mike Pirat has fathered a child out of wedlock

 photo mike_zpseb6544ee.jpg
Actor and singer ‘Mike’ Pirat Nitipaisalkul has fathered a child out of wedlock born last week to a Sarah N. Casinghini, a Thai-Italian model. Oh my. The child is named Maxwell. He has known for 2-3 months about the pregnancy. Sarah and him used to date but have broken up for some time. A DNA test will not be performed because Mike is sure the child is his. ‘When I saw him, I felt he was mine,’ said Mike. His parents have not seen their grandchild yet, but Mike did state they support him.

Mike was there for the birth.

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